Creative Facilitation

“Very few food businesses take ‘Time Out’ to think about their New Product, Product Category or Development Strategy. Businesses are never short of ideas; they are short of strategic ideas and knowing how to execute them! The challenge is getting a business excited about change!”

Gail Francis

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein

Who are we?

With over 25 years of experience in the food industry behind her, Creative Founder, Gail Francis set up About Turn Thinking, after identifying a need for Creative Thinking Space, amongst many businesses operating in the food industry. Gail is an industry specialist with a remarkable level of knowledge and passion for the Creative Process.

The most important skill of a facilitator is to be flexible and respond to what happens, moment-by-moment, in the room. At About Turn Thinking, we think it's vital to retain spontaneity and aliveness by facilitating and supporting the creative process!

“We need creativity in order to break free from the temporary structures that have been set up by a particular sequence of experience”

Edward de Bono

The Creative Challenge

We all run into road blocks in our workplaces, meetings and in our creative innovation processes. We can easily waste a lot of energy trying to dig ourselves out of negative or blocking mindsets and processes.

At About Turn Thinking we take a refreshing approach to dealing with your “Challenge”, by using creative thinking techniques and rapid prototyping workshops.

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou”

What we do

  • We help you define your “Challenge” or “Brief” based around your specific consumer and market insight. Working with a strategically chosen, multi-disciplined team, we will generate ideas by using creative thinking techniques.
  • Those ideas will be refined into concepts, which will be brought to life through illustration.
  • The illustrated concepts generated, will be market tested via an online consumer panel.
  • Using this consumer feedback, your concepts are once again refined, and ‘made up’ in the kitchen by industry respected Culinary Chefs/NPD specialists.

Having your entire team aligned around “Their” concepts is a powerful thing!

This helps drive your ideas through the business and onto launch!

“Creativity is just connecting things”

Steve Jobs

Creative Workshops

At About Turn Thinking, we take you from initial idea or challenge to consumer checked, refined and illustrated concepts in just two days.

  • Creative Facilitation
  • What's Your Challenge?
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Industry Trends
  • Idea Generation
  • Consumer Check-In
  • Bringing Concepts to Life
  • Concept Refinement
  • Team Alignment